Clay Targets with Muzzle Loaders

Do you own a muzzle loading shotgun, old or new, percussion or flintlock? Perhaps you have a shotgun with external hammers and Damascus barrels? Maybe you are a collector or you own an old hand-me-down shotgun. How often do you have an opportunity to shoot your old shotgun? Do you know how to use a muzzleloader or how to load black powder shot shells? Any muzzleloading – or breach-loading shotgun with external hammers, in any calibre, will do.

The TRANSVAAL MUZZLE LOADERS (TML) was established in 1969, and is affiliated with the BPSU (The Black Powder Shooting Union of South Africa). Two muzzle loading disciplines are shot on our range: Lorenzoni (Percussion) and Manton (Flintlock). These disciplines are regulated by the international body, M.L.A.I.C., The BPSU holds provincial and national championships, selects SA teams and from time to time sends teams to the world championships. In addition to these two muzzle loading disciplines, a classic breach loader shotguns are also catered for. The muzzle loading disciplines are shot with either original or replica guns and the classic breachloaders are shot using black powder cartridges and period guns, most of which has external hammers.

A detail of 25 clay targets are shot from five different shooting stands. Competitions normally consists of two details. TML has a great knowledge pool of experienced black powder shooters, all willing to part with advice and provide guidance on the safe use of black powder. Shooting your historical piece also helps to promote and keep alive this age old cultural sport shooting disciplines. Sadly, many shooters have lost touch with their (not so distant) heritage. Why shoot with black powder? Well, if you think you are a crack shot with a modern shotgun, think again. You may be in for a rude awakening. Apart from being passionate about the cultural and historical aspects, we do it, because it is more challenging and great fun. With a slower lock time, no chokes and a slower burning rate, a clay target remains elusive. This does not mean that the shot velocity is necessary slower than a modern ammunition. When on target, clays break the same. Many of us also enjoy wing shooting, and also use black powder when hunting. The lessons learned shooting clay targets from different angles comes in handy in the veld. Besides, if you are an ethical hunter, black powder will be your final destination. The shot gunners of TML shoot every 1st and 3rdSaturday of the month (from about 2pm) at the Centurion Range. Challenge yourself to a cultural and historical experience with your old shotgun.

TML Shoots twice a month

There is a club shoot every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. This changes from time to time to cater for public holidays and other events.

Impact of COVID-19

Note:- All club and competition shoots have been cancelled until further notice.