Breach Loading Shotgun Rules

Breach Loading Shotgun Rules TRANSVAAL MUZZLE LOADERS Black Powder Breach Loading Shotgun Rules Range Layout 1.1 Stands should be at the same level as the top of the traphouse. 1.2 Stands should be marked by a ±70cm square or circle. 1.3 The layout of the stands are as per the Lorenzoni layout. 1.4 Whenever possible, […]

Muzzle loading Shotgun Rules

Muzzle loading Shotgun Rules Two muzzle loading diciplines are shot in Original and replica:Lorenzoni – (percussion shotguns) and Manton (Flintlock Shotguns) These are the same rules used by the MLAIC. Only the rules applicable to muzzle loading shotguns are published here. To see the complete constitution and rules of the MLAIC, click here. 401 CLAY […]

Loading and Shooting Black Powder Shotgun Cartridges

Loading and Shooting Black Powder Shotgun Cartridges How many old shotguns hide in dark corners of gun safes? Most of these guns were made at the pinnacle of gun-making history. Some are still in use (with pride I hope) for sports shooting and bird hunting. If you are fortunate to own such an old shotgun, […]