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12 Bore Mortimer Shotgun For Sale
Mortimer Shotgun
The most popular choice of shotgun. 32 inch barrel providing the ultumate in shot paterns. Used extensively by both sport shooters and wingshooters.

Flintlock Shotgun For Sale
Mortimer Flintlock Shotgun
Muzzle loading Shotgun. Brand new Pedersoli. 36 Inch Barrel. Great for hunting. Best modern reproduction for shooting the Manton dicipline.

Gibbs Target Rifle For Sale
Gibbs muzzle Target Rifle
40 Caliber Muzzle Loading Target Rifle. Long distance shooting. Extremely accurate.

Gibbs Muzzle Loading Shotgun
Gibbs Shotgun
12 gauge Muzzle Loading Shotgun. Well balanced gun. 32 inch single barrel.

Constitution & Rules of the TML Shotgun Club
The TML Shotgun Club has it's roots within the Transvaal Muzzle Loaders (TML). TML was formed in 1969 by a group of far sighted enthousiasts, most of whom which was afilliated to the Historical Firearms Society that saw the light of day in 1958. TML members were also instrumental in the formation of the Hitorical Firearmes Shooting Union in yje late 1970's, which later changed to the Black Powder Shgooting Union of South Africa (BPSU). The shotgun shooters of TML recently secured a more permanent home in Centurion and a purpose built muzzle loader shotgun range was built to international standards. This venue seperation between TML's rifle & pistol shooters and the shotgunners eventually neccesatated the splitting of the old TML into two clubs with its own identity. The TML shotgun club has adopted the same constitution as TML.

Muzzle loading Shotgun Rules
Two muzzle loading diciplines are shot in Original and replica:
Lorenzoni - (percussion shotguns) and Manton (Flintlock Shotguns)

Breach Loading Shotgun Rules

BPSU Constitution
The BPSU regulates the competitive shooting of historical firearms dating from the flintlock era of the 1700's up to and including service arms of the pre 1919 period, and replica's thereof, in a wide range of events. Please visit the BPSU website for more information.

The Muzzle Loaders International Comittee is the international governing body Muzzle Loading Shooting. Visit the M.L.A.I.C. website for more information.